About Loran

Loran LLC was formed in 2013 when two college friends decided to turn a dream into a reality.  After nearly 20 years of friendship and many life changes, we became business partners and what we like to call mompreneurs.

We are two moms who share the same goal and vision:  to build a company that we are proud of and that our children will be proud of.  Our priority is to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity through our customer service. We read and answer all customer inquiries personally.  When choosing a product to sell, we ask ourselves, "Is it something we would use?  Is it something we would buy as a gift? Is it something we would buy for our families?"  If the answer is no, we don't sell it.  If we don't like it, then how can we ask you to like it?

While we have the opportunity to offer products on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, please know that when you shop with us, you are supporting small business.  Thank you for that support!